Web development in ESSL and PVAC

These repositories are used to manage the codebase of a number of different web projects within the Faculty of Educatiuon, Social Sciences and Law, and the Faculty of Performance, Visual Arts and Communications at the University of Leeds. If you have any queries about these repositories, please contact Peter Edwards

Unuversity of Leeds Wordpress Theme

The UoL Wordpress theme is based on the University of Leeds web toolkit and was initially developed on Google code. The theme is currently at version 1.2, with some previous versions still being used on different sites.

Custom Themes

Apart from Child themes of the UoL theme, there are some projects which have used custom designs, for which themes have been developed.

Wordpress Plugins

A number of plugins have been developed to customise Wordpress Multisite installations and provide extra features which are used within the Wordpress theme. For more information, please see the plugins page on the PVAC and ESSL Wordpress Hosting Service site